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Goggles X

Goggles X

State-of-the-art FPV goggles designed for drone enthusiasts. featuring high-quality Full HD OLED displays, H.265 encoding for excellent video quality, and versatile AV and HDMI inputs/outputs. With a modular VRX board, infrared sensing, and customizable options, these goggles offer an immersive and future-proof FPV experience.


  • Weight 290g
  • Fov 50°
  • 100fps
  • Hdmi Input
  • Hdmi Output
  • Av In
  • Sharing Mode
  • Built-in Gyro
  • Wi-fi & Bluetooth

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Avatar HD Kit V2 Dual 1

Avatar HD VTX V2

The next generation VTX in the Walksnail Avatar HD Digital FPV line up.


  • Dual Antenna
  • 4k Compatible
  • 1080p 120fps Compatible
  • 4km + Range
  • 160° Fov
  • 32gb Built in Storage
  • Gyroflow Ready

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