Introducing the hub for all things walksnail

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Greetings and welcome to - the Walksnail Hub.
The whole team here at D3VL has poured our passion into creating this central hub, meticulously designed to cater to the entire Walksnail community. It all started with a simple website, initially residing at Its primary mission was to provide a well-organized and easily accessible repository of Walksnail firmware releases. The birth of this website was a response to a pressing need within the Walksnail community – the absence of a dedicated resource for Walksnail firmware updates in a central location.

Why we built

After initially building our first firmware website on, we hoped that the Walksnail team would see the value that it was providing to their customers and take steps to release their own, official version. However, after more than a year now they've made no such move and are still releasing firmware on obscure back channels, where it's not easily accessible unless you know exactly where to find it. This is a huge barrier for newcomers to the ecosystem, and also presents a stumbling block for longer term users, having to jump through pages to find an update.

The Future of

We have exciting plans for In the near future, we aim to add more tools and features to this website, all centred around elevating your Walksnail experience.

In summary is not just a website; it's a testament of our dedication to the FPV community. It's a platform created by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. Our commitment is to provide you with easy access to firmware releases, showcases of Walksnail's capabilities, and tools to help you squeeze the most out of your Walksnail products.

See you in the next post!